Finding Skilled Software Developers

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Learn how to find qualified software developers with this step-by-step guide and answers to frequently asked questions. Software developers are one of the most in-demand professionals, so there's a lot of competition for finding full-stack developers with the requisite experience. Software developers will have varied skill sets, so you'll want to find one whose skills match your business goals.

Sell your company as an innovative workplace.

Attract top talent.

You need to go beyond listing roles and responsibilities. The best software developers want to know your story. They want to know what your mission is as an organization and how their skills and experience will contribute to your exciting projects.

Write a compelling software developer job post.

If you want to attract the best software developers, you will need to create a job post that promotes your company and speaks to your target audience. Start by including information about your company and the role you play in the tech industry. Provide a few details about the different types of projects your development team is currently working on and your goals for the next few years. Along with a description of the skills and experience needed for the role, your job post should highlight information that would attract top candidates. Below is a list of things that may attract top software engineers:
  • Flexible working hours, including the option to work remotely a few days per week.
  • A relaxed dress code.
  • A degree of creative freedom.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • A comprehensive benefits package.
  • Workplace perks, ranging from workshops and additional courses, to catered meals and gaming rooms.

Use a software developer job description template to make it easier.

Post your job to general sites, such as Indeed.

Start by posting to general job posting sites such as Indeed. These are great places to start because they get plenty of traffic and they're free.

Make sure your job is picked up by Google.

Google for Jobs allows your posting to be seen in search results. This can greatly increase your job visibility. You can get it picked up by Google by having someone properly format it on your website, or by using a service (such as Betterteam) that creates a properly formatted jobs page for you automatically.

Target job boards dedicated to software developers.

Posting your job on tech job boards will help you narrow your search for software developers.

Ask employees for referrals.

A great way to find and hire a qualified software developer is to ask current employees for referrals. Create an employee referral program to motivate employees to participate in the recruiting process. Essentially, the program offers rewards for any referrals leading to hires. Make sure it is clear to your employees that the software developer they refer should have the necessary skills, qualifications, experience, work ethic, and attitude.

Share new job openings on social media.

Advertise your software developer job openings on social media. Your posts should be engaging, informative, and professional. Maintain an active presence on social media and provide prompt responses to any questions, comments, or queries.

A software developer job description will provide much of the boilerplate information you'll need, such as the responsibilities and qualifications, making your task a bit easier.

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