Client Portal 5

Answers to managing your R3 Client Portal account.

Disclaimer 1

Acceptance of Our Terms

Domains and Server Setup 2

Answers to redirecting and basic server setup

Ecommerce and SSL 2

Answers to questions about online payment processing.

Email / Webmail 6

Assitance with setup and access

Joomla 1

Training Articles and Videos

Support and Billing 7

Answers to common questions regarding support and billing.

Web Site Issues 14

Answers to web site issues

Most Popular Articles

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Generally. the HTTP error 403 - Forbidden means that access to the file/folder you are trying to...

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Every product associated with a web site requires the buyer to identify which site the product...

 Getting Started - First Access Attempt

Getting Started Your account has been set up but requires you to first Reset Your Password. Your...

 HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error

When you receive an error "Internal server error 500" on your site, the best way to find the...

 Outlook Setup

Auto Reg Script A file has been uploaded to your R3 Customer Portal Account. It add a registry...

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