Updates & Checkups

Preventative Maintenance by keeping the site up-to-date with plugins, extensions and core upgrades. Install and monitor firewall as additional protection for the site.

VIP Support

Full site coverage including...

Core and Extension Updates

Monthly Backups

Content Updates

Image Swaps and Additions

Firewall and Country Blocking

Pro Support & Maintenance

  1. Website content changes and updates

  2. Bug fixes and errors

  3. Training & Support (unlimited)

  4. Core Updates (monthly)

  5. Extension Updates (monthly)

  6. Bug Fixes

  7. Weekly Backups

  8. 2 Business Day Turnaround

  9. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks

  10. Bruteforce login attacks

  11. Known software vulnerabilities

  12. SQL Injection

  13. Bad bots protection